Sascha Wilkosz is my name and I'm not going to pretend like I didn't write this, so here's a first person account of my road to adworld.

I started in graphic design where I worked on concept through to finished art for a number of different brands, here’s some of them... Hugo Boss, Nike, Topshop, The AFL, Gather & Tailor, The Australian Open, AFF x Vogue, Cleverhand Studio, ACMI - The David Bowie exhibition, The MCG... You get the picture. 

I then set my sights on creative direction but adworld wouldn't take me yet so I sidestepped through media and joined Nova Entertainment as a Campaign Development Manager. Throughout my time at Nova I worked on a heap of campaigns for both existing and new clients. From Uber where we sent Kate, Tim and Marty to eat their way across the UK for the Royal Wedding to developing massive live music events through Nova’s Red Room giving brands access to the worlds best talent. 

Funnest campaign: Sending our brekky team out to Prancing Pony to craft Nova’s first beer, meticulously named "Friday Frothies".
Proudest campaign: Teacher of the Year for Bendigo Bank where we recognised and awarded everyday heroes, Aussie teachers.
Campaign that delivered most street cred: Whilst at Nova I wrote a number of raps, for internal and external purposes.
Internally a highlight was writing a rap for our general manager who then starred as himself in a beautifully executed hip hop video clip, externally I wrote a rap for Fitzy and Wippa to spit into the mic for Drinkwise, a bit of fun aimed at young people and their livers.
Awards: At the annual B&T Awards Nova scored media sales team of the year whilst also scoring best radio campaign in back to back years. Bendigo Banks Teacher of The Year cleaned up at Nova’s annual awards winning best campaign under $100k.

By this time the metaphoric oven timer went off and I knew I was cooked enough to re-approach adworld. All of a sudden, I was in Sydney (after nearly a decade in Melbourne) and I was Naked. Naked Communications was where I landed, the team are a bunch of brilliant misfits and their game revolves around changing behaviour through advertising. Since joining I have worked across a number of campaigns, including:

The Walkley Foundation - What price would you pay?

Taubmans - Tiny homes / Forces of Nature

Sanitarium - Weet-Bix Better Brekkie

Talents also include excellent judgement, from judging my placement on the train platform ensuring the doors open right in front of me, to judging exactly where a ripper statement sits in a TV spot. I look a lot like Oobah Butler (famous reporter for Vice UK) as well as Moana Hope (womens footy legend) so I can do ambassador spots (as them) for really cheap. I am pretty good at ping pong (on a good day I can beat the boys) and I'm a super quick thinker, for example I can easily rap most Eminem classics.